Brittany Brennan, Real Estate Advisor

Going the extra mile is Brittany’s second nature. She not only anticipates her clients’ needs but focuses on guiding and educating throughout the entire home buying and selling process. The partnership that Brittany creates with her clients builds a united front while facing the intricacies of competitive offers, inspection or appraisal obstacles and any unforeseen challenges in the competitive Denver market. She has proven success with smart contracts, negotiation and leveraging her relationships in Denver to get things done.  

Brittany creates long-term relationships based on superior communication, valuable advocacy, and earned trust. She is organized, accessible, and empathetic while still being analytical and data focused. Each step of the way her mission is to be your best advocate so you can spend more time creating your future life and less time worrying. It may not always be a simple journey to buy and sell a home but it is Brittany’s passion to simplify it for her clients.

As a native from Atlanta, Brittany is no stranger to southern hospitality but when she arrived in Denver, the people, climate, and plethora of festivals and activities had her sold. Her favorite thing about Denver is the fact that the Mile High City boasts over 5,000 acres of parks so there is an amazing green space every few miles! Brittany prides herself on knowing the best dog parks, farmers’ markets and where to find the best cheat meals in the city.

"To succeed in life, you need three things: A Wishbone, A Backbone and A Funny Bone" ~Reba McIntyre